Residential and Commercial Property Management Services

in Greater Ottawa

What we do

Making Property Management Effortless and Rewarding for You

Property Leasing

Property marketing, listing and showing
Online rental applications
Tenant screening and qualification
Preparation for occupancy
Lease enquires and execution
Regulatory expertise

Maintenance and Repair

Timely scheduling for maintenance needs
Online maintenance request tracking for tenants
24 hour/7 day a week accessibility
Locally situated and broadly skilled
Responsive, professional and experienced personnel
Maintenance of property records

Financial Management

Purpose-built property accounting software
Rent collection and deposits
Convenient online payment portal
Payment administration (taxes, utilities, insurance and invoice payments)
Detailed, customized and accurate fiscal reporting

Investment Consulting

Performance and profitability analysis
Cash flow projections
Financing options and closing costs
Pricing considerations
Rental amounts
Tax implications

Complete Service Line

Landlords will enjoy worry free rental income. Tenants will find us easy to do business with. We offer a complete solution for your property needs.

24/7 Online Support

We are supported by state-of-the-art, online property management tools available to landlords and tenants 24/7. Accurate and reliable management information. Timely and responsive feedback.

Local Presence

We live in and operate from Ottawa to serve you and your tenants better. We handle many service and maintenance requests in-house. We don’t have to rely on sub-contractor scheduling or charge their fees. With a broad set of skills, we are dependable and cost effective service providers.

Our Reputation

You have maximum property exposure via our networks and reputation in the area. Our properties are always rented and a high percentage of happy tenants are retained. Dedicated, respected and experienced. We put our connections to work for you.

We live here. In fact we grew up here. We are property managers ourselves and know the market in Ottawa and in the rural environs.

Experience and Reputation

We Know Ottawa

Don’s ability to lead and manage business as well as working with individuals as tenants, combined with Tim’s operational skills in managing intricate design, manufacturing and building projects, made for an ideal partnership for property management in Ottawa.

Big brother. Little brother

A partnership that has always worked.

Our Value to You

Forward looking and investment focused. We manage commercial and residential properties in the Greater Ottawa area. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to both owner and tenant because high quality & personalized service is important in ensuring your property thrives as an investment.

We Manage AirBnB™ Rental Properties

Ask us how we can support you in being a successful AirBnB host with great ratings and reviews.

Commercial and Residential

Urban to Rural

Local and Responsive

Reliable and Cost-Effective

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