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Hiring a property manager can provide peace of mind, save you time and effort, and help you maximize the return on your investment in rental properties. Whether you have one or multiple properties, we handle tenant management, rent collection, maintenance, financial reporting, tenant sourcing, By-law and Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) compliance.

We manage properties ranging from condominium units, townhomes, semi-attached and single-family homes, along with multi-tenant buildings ranging from 2 to 20 units. We do not manage full condominiums or apartment buildings.

We cater to property investors (owners) seeking personalized property management beyond the standard approach. Our tailored processes and systems are designed to offer flexible solutions meeting each client’s unique needs. During our initial engagement, we review property and tenant requirements with owners, customizing solutions accordingly. You can choose your level of involvement. 

SPM services Ottawa and many of the rural communities on the outskirts. Rockland, Russell, Kemptville, Osgoode, Manotick, North Gower, Almonte, Carleton Place, and Smith Falls, to name a few. If your property is outside of the areas mentioned above, don’t hesitate to give us a call, as it may be an area we are already in or would consider being in.

Our “Home Away” service is perfect for homeowners who want to rent out their property while they’re away. We understand that your home isn’t just a rental unit but a place you want to be cared for while generating income. We ensure top-notch tenant selection and implement checks to ensure your property is treated with care, providing peace of mind beyond just and annual check-in.

If you are travelling for an extended period and need property check-ins, we offer detailed inspections tailored to you and your insurance requirements. We use customized templates for thorough report with pictures and notes sent directly to you.

As part of our engagement model, we conduct a thorough Market Rental Analysis to compare your property with similar rentals in the area. This ensures we maximize your property’s potential while remaining competitive, ultimately aiming for the highest possible ROI.

We promote your property on various rental platforms such as, Zumper, Padmapper, Facebook, Kijiji, and (if applicable). Additionally we boost visibility through our website and social media, ensuring wide exposure in Ottawa and nearby regions.

Before scheduling a viewing, interested parties complete a pre-screening questionnaire. After an in-person viewing, if they’re interested, we conduct a comprehensive background check including credit, criminal history, landlord and employer references, pet screening, social media checks, and interviews. For Home Away clients, the interview process is especially thorough to find the best match for the property’s care.

We aim for a minimum of 60 days to advertise the property, targeting tenants who require 60 days’ notice. However, we’ve successfully rented properties in as little as 5 days. We work with you to develop a tailored marketing strategy. Our professionally taken pictures, well-written ads, and user-friendly booking system streamline the process for prospective tenants. Our swift screening process can turn around an application within 24 hours. Yet, we cannot guarantee a specific rental date.

Tenants have access to a Resident Portal for rent payments, while owners monitor collections through the Owner Portal in real-time. We work closely with tenants facing cash flow issues but initiate the end-of-tenancy process (LTB N4) for rent defaults without prior notice.

We have a team of internal and external resources to support your property management needs. Tenants and property owners can submit maintenance requests through our online portal, email, or the SPM 24/7 Maintenance Hotline. Our internal Maintenance Coordinator oversees maintenance activities handled by our technicians and specialized contractors. Emergency repairs are addressed within hours, while regular maintenance requests are typically resolved within days. All contractors undergo screening for certifications, insurance, experience, and customer service. We establish repair cost thresholds with owners, obtaining authorization for costs above this threshold. Additionally, we collaborate with owners to create property-specific budgets for proactive repairs.

As a boutique firm providing customized solutions, our fees vary depending on the package we put together for your properties. Typically, our fees range from 6% to 10% of the monthly rent collected. If there is no tenant in place during any time that we are managing the property, no fees will be charged. – No fee would be charged if the unit is vacant.